A Little Bit About Me

Hello! I am Lindsey Berger, Founder and President of Deaf 316 Ministries. I am a Certified Sign Language Interpreter, World Traveler and most importantly Born-Again Believer in love with my Savior, Jesus Christ. I am many things to many people, but to you, I am your friend. I was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. I stumbled into my first American Sign Language course in high school and quickly fell in love with the language and have never looked back. I have found Deaf people to be the most excellent communicators, vibrant individuals and dear friends. I have also found them to be in need of a Savior, just as I am.

I began my professional interpreting career in 2007 and soon after starting, I found myself engaged in overseas travel where God put me in contact with lost Deaf individuals in Thailand. It was through this experience, the birth of greater stirrings in my heart came to light. God ignited within me a passion and desire to reach Deaf peoples with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Since then, I have traveled to many spiritually dark countries and have been blessed by encountering the same kindhearted Deaf people I know there to be all over the world. They continually remind me of the need to share the love of Christ and to be a witness in my own faith with the gifts of communication God has given me.

This ministry was founded after God answered a long-time prayerful desire of my heart, to reach the unreached Deaf population with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their native language. After years of searching and repeated closed doors, the Lord made His calling for Deaf 316 Ministries abundantly clear. He not only opened the door but has paved the way for it to exist. I want to live as a faithful servant, obediently willing to pursue the pressings of my heart which have been living and growing within me for years.

I am so thankful you are here. It is my earnest prayer whether you are Deaf, hard of hearing or hearing, a native, basic or fluent signer, you feel welcomed and take advantage of all this website has to offer. Many people have volunteered their time and talents, and given generously with expectant belief in what God will do with this ministry. It is because of them and because of our Great God, Deaf 316 Ministries is available for you today.

Founder & President of Deaf 316 Ministries,
Lindsey Berger