Most Deaf people have never seen the name of Jesus signed in their own language and are dying lost.

Will you help reach them?

Quick Facts:

Less than 2% of the world’s 70 million Deaf know Jesus.

Very few biblical resources exist in sign language, the native language of the Deaf community.

The Deaf are some of the least evangelized people group on Earth.

Why? Lack of communication.

Why should you care? Hell is real and 98% of the Deaf are going there.

Our Mission

We believe that the Deaf community should have access to the abundance of great Christian resources available online and in print.

We accomplish this by translating sermons, Bible commentaries, Christian books, and devotionals into sign language videos for the Deaf to enjoy and benefit from.


Donate to Deaf 316 Ministries

Thank you for your partnership with our ministry. When you donate to Deaf 316, you help ensure the Deaf community has access to rich theological content in their native language, sign language.

Fundraising Details

Deaf 316 Ministries is first and foremost a ministry. And just like every ministry in existence, time, talents and resources are required to ensure everything runs properly. A few talented individuals are putting in the time, but the financial resources are still needed.

Deaf 316 can only grow as big as funding allows, and we have big dreams! Your financial partnership regardless of amount, will greatly and directly impact the future of Deaf 316 Ministries.

We know that everyone’s financial situation is different and some will be able to give more than others. Some of you may even think that you shouldn’t give at all because you can’t afford to give much, and therefore won’t benefit the ministry. Let me be the first to tell you that there is great power in numbers and every little bit counts and adds up. God leads everyone in different ways in terms of how much they give to further His Kingdom.

Like the loaves and fishes that Jesus blessed and multiplied (Matthew 14:13-20), and the widow’s flour and oil God sustained (1 Kings 17:8-15), the God of the Universe can use your donation, no matter the size, for GREAT things. 

So what can giving to Deaf 316 Ministries look like?

Below you’ll find several ways you can ensure we can continue reaching the Deaf.

Personal Giving

  • Monthly Donations: The most sought after financial resource is monthly donations. These are nice because they are recurring, which helps us plan our budget.
  • One-Time Donations: Many people prefer to give once a year instead of dealing with recurring monthly donations.
  • Quarterly Donations: We even have people who prefer to give every three months.

Corporate Giving

  • Church/Ministry: Are you a pastor or church/ministry leader? Prayerfully consider having your church or ministry give between $500 and $1,000 (or more!). Have a Deaf ministry? We’d love to showcase that too!
  • Christian Owned Businesses: Are you a business owner? Prayerfully consider giving between $500 and $1,000. In return, we will display your company’s logo on our website with a link back to your company’s homepage. We will also feature your company through our email newsletter and social media outlets on a quarterly basis throughout the year.

Need some more inspiration?

Check out these testimonies from people who have been impacted by Deaf 316’s work.

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