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This is a great Q & A with John Piper discussing what you should expect your first time reading through the entire Bible.

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He will explain several positives and negatives to taking on such an important task, as detailed below.

Bible Reading Is Intimidating
1) Expect opposition
2) Expect to be shocked
3) Expect to be confused
a. God conceals many things that we’d like to know.
b. What he has revealed is often hard to understand.
c. Christ has given teachers to the church.

Nine Blessings to Expect from the Bible
1) Expect your faith to be deepened and strengthened.
2) Expect God to do serious, liberating work in your life.
3) Expect new power in war with Satan.
4) Expect a deep, sanctifying work in your life.
5) Expect to become a more loving person to those around you.
6) Expect that even though you are now saved in a decisive way, you’re going to go on being saved by the Scriptures.
7) Expect joy – great joy, unshakable joy – that the world does not know.
8) Expect to meet God.
9) Expect to see the glory of Christ.


John Piper is founder and teacher of Desiring God and chancellor of Bethlehem College & Seminary.

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Special thanks to John Piper and Desiring God for graciously letting us translate their material into sign language for the deaf to enjoy and benefit from.