Studying scripture as a whole is crucial for gaining true Christ like wisdom. Christians often end up traveling down a dangerous road, extrapolating a verse and molding it to mean something it really does not mean. Digging deep into scripture allows for God to enlighten our mind to truly see in His word for what He really means. Psalm 37:4 is a popular example. As a society, this verse is often misinterpreted to mean, “if I do good, good will come to me.” Nowhere in scripture does God promise this and it is certainly not the intended meaning for verse 4 either.

Psalm 37:4 reads, “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.” According to Webster’s Dictionary, it defines “delight” as “a high degree of pleasure.” Essentially, live with the delight, pleasure or joy of the Lord at all times.

A true redeemed believer’s goal is to passionately know God, for who He is as the One True Creator God, for the sole purpose of delighting in Him. When we know God, His desires become our own desires. It may seem at that point we are getting what we want, but we are actually receiving what God has intended for us all along because we are walking in unison. Our hearts begin to beat to the same desires.

Pastor John Piper helps us understand this verse even better. He says, “When we enjoy God himself, the desires of our heart are shaped in accord with our delight in him.”

Then our dreams, goals and heart felt desires never oppose God’s desired plans for us. Actions of immortality are not of God and therefore not what He desires for you. Sin, remember is what causes separation between us and God until we come to the saving knowledge of what was done through His Son Jesus. By doing things apart from what scripture teaches us, even if we like it, is never God’s design for us.

Now that we have a clear understanding of what it means to delight in God, how can it be implemented in our lives day to day? First, you must establish a relationship with God. If you have not put your faith in Christ fully by asking forgiveness over your sins and deciding to follow Him, that must be your first step. It is only then can we look at how to actively delight in the Lord.

One of the biggest perks to becoming a believer in Christ is the way your mind begins to work. God begins to show you things you could not comprehend before. Learning His qualities and seeing His nature through one on one time with Him is not only essential, but exciting! The more we acquire knowledge through His word the more we see His divine nature in the Person of God.
Secondly, God is personal and intimate. He is not only ruler of the universe, but our Savior and dearest friend. We need to have both reverence for His high standing and confidence in building a friendship with Him.

Finally, we delight in God when we worship. One thing I love is the beauty of the ocean. I love to look at it and swim above and below it. When I am away from it, I long for it. (I could say the same about the Lord). When I got certified to SCUBA dive with my husband, I remember our first trip out sixty feet underwater. I was stunned by the beauty. The colorful coral reefs and varieties of fish. I was in constant awe thinking, “God you are amazing!” What we experience in the naturalness of His creation, He created it all for our enjoyment. He designed beautiful landscapes and creatures for us to be overwhelmed with thanksgiving, being led to worship Him.

Psalms 150 says, “Let everything that has breathe praise the lord.”