ACCESS: This video is in English with the addition of American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation and English captions. You can find the original video HERE.

  1. God created us for his glory.

  2. Therefore, it is man’s joyful duty to live for the glory of God.

  3. All of us have failed to glorify God as we should.

  4. We are thus found to be dead in our trespasses and under God’s just condemnation.

  5. God sent his Son to save sinners from their hopeless condition of deadness and condemnation, and bring us to God, our eternal joy.

  6. All the benefits purchased by Christ, in dying and rising again, belong to those who are united to him by faith. You cannot work for them. They are a free gift. If you have Christ as your Savior, Lord and Treasure, you have everything in him.


What does this mean?


The benefits of salvation, eternal life, being in the presence of God, being spared the punishment we deserve for our sin, belong to those who believe in Jesus Christ by faith and faith alone. You cannot buy it. You cannot work for it.

They are a free gift. Jesus payed for it with his life for you.

Will you accept it?


Scripture References
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John Piper is founder and teacher of Desiring God and chancellor of Bethlehem College & Seminary.

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Special thanks to John Piper and Desiring God for graciously letting us translate their material into sign language for the deaf to enjoy and benefit from.