ACCESS: This video is in English with the addition of American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation and English captions. You can find the original video HERE.


Paul cried over the unbelievers who would be cut off from Christ for eternity if they died lost. We should too. Heaven and hell are real places and real people are going there. We should never be happy when an unbeliever dies. Even if that person had persecuted us for our faith and caused great harm to us and/or our community. Their ultimate punishment is so severer that we should bitterly weep over them dying lost and fervently pray for salvation for those who are still living.


Scripture References
Philippians 3:17-21, Mark 3:1-6, Luke 19:41-42, Romans 9:1-3, Acts 20:30-31, 2 Corinthians 2:4


John Piper is founder and teacher of Desiring God and chancellor of Bethlehem College & Seminary.

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Special thanks to John Piper and Desiring God for graciously letting us translate their material into sign language for the deaf to enjoy and benefit from.